domingo, dezembro 27, 2020

Uma sequência de projectos em vez de um único projecto

Na linha do que escrevi em:

Dois artigos na senda do que Schaffer propunha, transformar um projecto grande numa sequência de projectos pequenos:
"First, it is hard to envision the specific tasks that actually need to get done to achieve a big goal. No matter how well you plan for a big task, there are certain details that are not obvious until you have completed it.
Second, for very large tasks you often do not get feedback on your success until many of the pieces of that project are in place. Even if particular elements of the task appear to be going well, the success of the large-scale project requires integrating all of the specific tasks in a coordinated fashion.
By starting out with smaller projects that encompass the range of tasks involved in larger projects, you help to deflate some of this overconfidence. You learn what is involved in expert performance, and you get plenty of chances to refine your abilities."

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