sexta-feira, maio 20, 2016

Promotores da concorrência imperfeita, dos monopólios informais e das rendas excessivas (Parte II)

Parte I.
"Several broad forces, most of them peculiar to our times, are combining to create advantageous conditions for small companies. A market segment known as “selectionists,” who constitute 30 percent of consumers, are seeking greater variety and new tastes in the food and drinks they buy—and sometimes care deeply about factors such as the origins of a product and how far it has been shipped. Some traditional supermarkets are catering to this trend as a way to differentiate themselves from Walmart and big price clubs. The fragmentation of media and the generally lower cost of digital platforms are giving small players new outlets to reach customers in more targeted, cost-efficient ways. But what should most concern large players is how technology is eroding their scale-driven advantages. Small players are increasingly able to outsource invoicing, HR systems, and logistics, as well as other back-office SG&A functions. Retail consolidation is further chipping away at scale advantage. The preference among bigger retailers is to work with a broad range of manufacturers—both large and small—to keep large consumer packaged goods companies from gaining too much leverage."
Em vez de choradinho, pensamento estratégico.
Em vez de mais do mesmo, novidade, diferenciação, proximidade, autenticidade.
Em vez da aposta na eficiência e no denominador, aposta na eficácia e no numerador.

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