terça-feira, agosto 03, 2021

Mongo é assim!


"Altra running has sped up. Naturally. And as the Denver-based company celebrates 10 years of natural running, the growth of the footwear company only continues.

Known on the trail for its Lone Peak and on the road for the Torin, the uniquely designed footwear has experienced steady progress over a decade and a rapid rise over the past year with 17% growth from spring 2020 to spring 2021 and 54% growth during the height of the pandemic."

As tribos apaixonadas (os assimétricos), we are all weird:

"“The brands offering uniquely different propositions, a different direction, those are the brands growing the fastest. What we are seeing is that through the pandemic we are still growing at a faster percentage than the traditional brands.”"

Skin-in-the-game, não é inovar, é resolver um problema:

"The two eventually ran the store and the self-professed shoe geeks started tinkering. Working with a nearby resoler, they started customizing off-the-shelf running shoes to reduce the wedge on the heel and open up the toe box for a more natural foot splay."

Quando David se aproxima de Golias este despreza-o. Quando a Deutsch Post fez a proposta de um veículo eléctrico à VW esta rejeitou por falta de volume:

"The co-founders went to every running brand they could to “beg them to build” shoes the way they were creating them after market, but when nobody would—and some laughed in their faces—they did it themselves.

Altra started with a road shoe, the Instinct, pre-launched in April 2011 ahead of the brand’s true August 2011 launch. “It’s just been an amazing 10 years of trying to encourage people to look at shoes differently,” Beckstead says."

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