domingo, novembro 25, 2018

Uma tolice!

Microeconomics is based on a demonstrably false assertion: “The rational agent is assumed to take account of available information, probabilities of events, and potential costs and benefits in determining preferences, and to act consistently in choosing the self-determined best choice of action,” says Wikipedia.
Of course not.
Perhaps if we average up a large enough group of people, it’s possible that in some ways, on average, we might see glimmers of this behavior. But it’s not something I’d want you to bet on.
In fact, the bet you’d be better off making is: “When in doubt, assume that people will act according to their current irrational urges, ignoring information that runs counter to their beliefs, trading long-term for short-term benefits and most of all, being influenced by the culture they identify with.”You can make two mistakes here:
Assume that the people you’re seeking to serve are well-informed, rational, independent, long-term choice makers.
Assume that everyone is like you, knows what you know, wants what you want.
I’m not rational and neither are you.”
Aqueles a que me habituei a chamar de tríade, ou de Muggles, acreditam piamente num mundo económico baseado na racionalidade. Uma tolice!

Trecho retirado de “This Is Marketing” de Seth Godin

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