segunda-feira, maio 22, 2017

A conspiração

"Company leaders, consider the following questions: How many surprises have you dealt with this week? How many customer relationships have had to be rescued or late orders escalated? How many apologies delivered, numbers explained, or presentations redone?
Every leader I know wrestles with these and other crises as a matter of routine. Yet leaders also recognize that running a business through constant firefighting puts them at risk of stressed-out employees, customer defections, a damaged brand, and safety or ethics catastrophes.
On closer inspection, the vast majority of fires are preventable. They are essentially “rework” — the added effort and cost required because something was not done right the first time. Unfortunately, firms can get stuck in a vicious cycle of rework, shortcuts, and more rework."
Quantas vezes por trás de um problema está uma conspiração?
Uma espiral que se reforça com cada volta e torna mais provável a recorrência futura.

Trecho retirado de "Why Your Employees Are Always Putting Out Fires"

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