domingo, dezembro 20, 2015

Too Big To Care

Recordo muitas vezes este tweet de Tom Peters:
Esta é a nesga que as PME podem usar para atravessar a fortaleza de Sauron e aproveitar a oportunidade do Estranhistão.
"Large organizations are facing a crisis of trust. Big is becoming associated with bad.
 “Unfortunately, for many of our large coverage companies, this runs amok of their long-established brands as those are often identified as faceless machines of profitability and propaganda by many consumers, not as trustworthy or even high quality … [Moi ici: Recordar a radioclubização, o hollowing]  it remains a challenge for large companies to re-brand an incumbent brand and develop trust."
People believe that big is bad. There’s an inverse relationship between the size of an organization and the perception of shared values. Our qualitative and quantitative research shows that the larger the organization / company / farm, consumers are more likely to believe that it will put profit ahead of principle—that it will put its own interests above consumer interests every time.”
We are entering an era of brand switching and disloyalty where the Web becomes a huge comparison tool. We’re getting societies of distrust, where people become more and more cynical about the official story or the brand / establishment promise."
E como é que a sua PME aproveita esta oportunidade? Como é que aproveita a vantagem da proximidade, da autenticidade, da personalização?
E como usa esta vantagem para construir uma estratégia? Para escolher os clientes-alvo e as prateleiras onde expõe a oferta? Pergunte-nos como.

Trechos retirados de "The bigger the brand the less it is trusted"

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