domingo, dezembro 20, 2015

Um conselho, um desafio (parte II)

Lembram-se deste conselho "Um conselho, um desafio"?
Agora vejam:
"The power of a digital transformation strategy lies in its scope and objectives. Less digitally mature organizations tend to focus on individual technologies and have strategies that are decidedly operational in focus. Digital strategies in the most mature organizations are developed with an eye on transforming the business.
Maturing digital organizations build skills to realize the strategy. Digitally maturing organizations are four times more likely to provide employees with needed skills than are organizations at lower ends of the spectrum. Consistent with our overall findings, the ability to conceptualize how digital technologies can impact the business is a skill lacking in many companies at the early stages of digital maturity.
What separates digital lea­ders from the rest is a clear digital strategy com­bined with a culture and leadership poised to drive the transformation. The history of technological ad­vance in business is littered with examples of companies focusing on technologies without in­vesting in organizational capabilities that ensure their impact. In many companies, the failed imple­mentation of enterprise resource planning and previous generations of knowledge management systems are classic examples of expectations falling short because organizations didn’t change mindsets and processes or build cultures that fostered change."
É o mesmo problema, é o mesmo desafio. O problema não é a tecnologia, o problema é a ausência de estratégia que faça da inovação tecnológica a pedra angular de uma vantagem competitiva.
Este gráfico é ilustrativo, os dois principais motivos são demasiado populares nas PME:

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