domingo, setembro 06, 2015

Querem ver um padrão?

Da produção em massa
para a variedade, rapidez, flexibilidade, personalização:
Da produção de grandes séries, baixo custo unitário, longos prazos de entrega, pouca variedade, para "Portuguese Shoemakers Get Fancy" (um filme por demais divulgado neste blogue desde... 2008)
Da produção de vómito industrial para "Wheels with soul"
"Brompton is already the country’s largest bike manufacturer, yet the company did not make them on a large scale until the early 2000s. Its rise happened against a backdrop of the almost complete collapse of Britain’s bicycle industry, once a world leader. Raleigh, the most famous volume bike-maker, based in Nottingham, had moved all its production to low-cost Asia by 2002. Now the vast majority of the 3.25m bikes sold in Britain annually are made abroad.
Brompton has bucked this trend by carving out a niche as a producer of high-end, handmade folding bikes with global appeal. The bikes are pricey, but every steel frame is fitted together using brazing rather than welding. The company makes much of its “Made in London tag”, as British craftsmanship is still valued overseas. About 80% of its bikes go abroad now, where Koreans, Japanese and others cherish them as fashion accessories as much as modes of transport.
Britain’s few other remaining bike-makers have survived using similar tactics. Pashley, based in Stratford-upon-Avon, has been making classic bikes, often seen in advertisements, since 1926.
The brand is all about old-world heritage. Adrian Williams, Pashley’s boss, describes his products as “beautiful and useful”. Like Brompton, the firm is export-focused, selling to over 50 countries, mainly in Asia. Moulton, another brand, also sells well in the Far East."

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