quinta-feira, janeiro 28, 2021

Do you have the willpower?

 "Two companies, two giants, each dominating its market, each fated to collapse very quickly. Neither lacked insight. What they lacked was willpower. Kodak invented the first digital camera. Encyclopedia Britannica produced one of the first multimedia encyclopedias on a CD-ROM. Both companies became trapped in business models that had previously worked so well. Kodak’s photographic print division resisted any shift to the lower-profit digital cameras, and EB’s sales force refused to put its product on a disk. Each company needed to make changes while its original business model was still profitable before the collapse began, but they were unable to throw away what looked like a winning hand.


IBM chose to become smaller but more profitable and successful, transforming itself from a maker of business machines into a global provider of information services. The company made these changes before it had to before it entered a period of crisis. [Moi ici: Como não pensar no calçado e na Fase IV que apresentei na parte I desta série]


It is easy to cherry-pick examples, contrasting Kodak with IBM while ignoring companies that did try to transform themselves and got it disastrously wrong.

Mostly, I worry that the doctrine of continual transformation runs counter to the emergence of insights. Advocating for continual or even periodic transformation makes it into a routine to be performed. In contrast, insights are accidental. An organization that rigidly adheres to a doctrine of continual transformation, following the creative desperation path, is different from one that is sensitive to connections, coincidences, curiosities, and contradictions.

Organizations demonstrate willpower when they act on insights, particularly insights about their primary goals. An insight about a goal isn’t about being flexible and adapting plans in order to reach the original goal. It’s about changing the goal itself." [Moi ici: Li este parágrafo várias vezes e em todas elas veio-me à mente a expressão "Hmm! Wrong jungle!"]

A Depressão Económica que se seguirá à pandemia vai matar, está a matar, muitas empresas. Vai obrigar outras a transformarem-se, vai obrigar outras a mudarem de modelo de negócio. Na passada sexta-feira estive numa empresa, a certa altura verbalizei, para que ficasse claro para todos os presentes:

- O vosso modelo de negócio vai ter de mudar da venda de produtos, da conquista de mais clientes, para a venda de serviços aos clientes que têm. Densificação de relações!!!

BTW, hoje durante a caminhada matinal, pela primeira vez percebi que a densificação tem de ocorrer não só com o exterior da organização, mas também no interior das organizações, e isso, é exactamente o contrário do que Taylor propôs.

Trechos retirados de "Seeing What Others Don't" de Gary Klein.

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