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A emoção como fundação da estratégia

Ao longo dos anos tenho escrito aqui no blogue sobre Mongo, a metáfora que uso para designar um mundo pleno de variedade e de tribos apaixonadas. Aliás, por aqui tem-se escrito sobre:

"hiperentusiastas tem tudo a ver com a assimetria das tribos apaixonadas e "tu não és meu irmão de sangue""

Assim, faz todo o sentido sublinhar:

"it’s perhaps time to reassess our approach to strategy. At the risk of being viewed as a heretic, let me suggest that the successful strategies going forward will be strongly rooted in addressing the emotions of participants, rather than simply relying on facts and figures. [Moi ici: Como não recordar esta imagem ...]

[Moi ici: ... como não recordar a diferença entre os outputs e os inputs que são processados para gerar outcomes]


The opportunity for strategy

The opportunity for strategy in the next decade and beyond is to unleash ways to deliver more and more value with fewer and fewer resources.


In the industrial age that brought us to where we are today, unmet needs were largely defined in material terms – what products and services could address our material needs, 


Certainly, there are still large segments of the population with significant material needs, especially in trying times like this pandemic. But the mounting performance pressure of the Big Shift is also generating unmet needs at the emotional level. More and more of us are becoming consumed with the emotion of fear


Focusing on unmet emotional needs

The successful strategies of the next decade will begin with cultivating a deep understanding of these unmet emotional needs and then developing unique approaches that are effective in addressing these emotional needs


The strategies that will succeed in the future are those that focus on the emotions of the participants and find ways to cultivate deep, long-term, and trust-based relationships among a growing array of participants by meeting their deepest emotional needs. "

Trechos retirados de "Emotion as the Foundation of Strategy

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