sábado, janeiro 30, 2021

Torrar dinheiro


"You’ve got to hand it to the Italians. Rome is better than anyone at creating political crises that hold a mirror up to everyone else. Witness the latest kerfuffle over the latest collapse of the latest Italian government. 


The proximate cause for this turn is a feud between Mr. Conte and his predecessor Matteo Renzi (now leading his own micro party) over how to spend some €209 billion in European Union coronavirus aid. Mr. Conte mostly wants to seize personal control of the disbursement of those funds, via a committee of technocrats he handpicks to oversee spending. Mr. Renzi wants Parliament to get a say in the coming bonanza, and who can blame him? Throwing money at constituents is at the heart of politics, and it’s terribly unfair of Mr. Conte to deprive his colleagues of the opportunity to do that for which they were created.

Yet there are deeper forces at work in Rome. Messrs. Conte and Renzi are fighting a battle over who can lay claim to the political legitimacy to spend so much money—while squeezing out the one politician who actually has it."

Trechos retirados de "Italy’s Question Is Ours, Too: WhoWill Spend the Covid Cash?"

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