quarta-feira, janeiro 18, 2017

Acerca dos processos

"Processes are often hard to see—they’re a combination of both formal, defined, and documented steps and expectations and informal, habitual routines or ways of working that have evolved over time. But they matter profoundly.
processes are a critical part of the unspoken culture of an organization. They enforce “this is what matters most to us.” Processes are intangible; they belong to the company. They emerge from hundreds and hundreds of small decisions about how to solve a problem. They’re critical to strategy, but they also can’t easily be copied.
Unlike resources, which are easily measured, processes can’t be seen on a balance sheet. If a company has strong processes in place, managers have flexibility about which employees they put on which assignments— because the process will work regardless of who performs it.
Putting Jobs to Be Done at the center of your process changes everything about what an organization optimizes for.
the right job spec leads to the right processes that will generate the right data to know “How are we doing?” Jobs Theory focuses you on helping your customers do their jobs, rather than narrow internally measured efficiencies."
Leio isto e recordo:

  • processos críticos vs processos contexto;
  • fiambreiras e Bruce Jenner;
  • mapa de actividades;
  • finalidade dos processos;
  • abordagem por processos

Trechos retirados de "Competing Against Luck: The Story of Innovation and Customer Choice"

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