quinta-feira, dezembro 22, 2016

Uma novela sobre Mongo (parte VI)

 Parte Iparte IIparte IIIparte IV e parte V.
"From products to platformsBeing able to thrive going forward is about removing the finality that comes with the launch mentality: not assuming that a product is finished when we deliver it to the market. Brands that survive the current reconfiguration of economics will understand that a product or service is a continuum of development, a continuum that people take from the company and invent the next stages of. Brands are evolving into platforms for audiences to perform with and upon. This is the human input that the industrial system didn’t allow or even want. What’s interesting is that what the brand evolves into with the creativity of outsiders is usually better than what the corporate committee would have decided on. It’s certainly more varied because instead of one-size-fits-all, it’s one-size-fits-one."
Não nos cansamos de defender isto há anos e mais anos: a explosão de tribos, a interacção, a co-criação, a decomoditização. Isto é Mongo, o Estranhistão.

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