sexta-feira, dezembro 23, 2016

"Each path is unique"

Simplesmente excelente:

Mongo, a explosão de diversidade, em todo o lado:
"Learning is the Work
Our basic approach to education is obsolete in an age of pervasive networks. Developing a standardized curriculum is completely inadequate to prepare for non-routine work and complex problem solving. One person, or group of experts, cannot decide that some minuscule percentage of knowledge is what we should teach everyone. Courses are like stock that is out of date as soon as it is published, while implicit knowledge is like flow, that requires constant interactions to make sense. There are no cookie-cutter recipes for non-routine or complex work. Each person and organization has to find its own path by seeking out information, making sense of it, and sharing it. Each path is unique."
O medo que isto deve meter a tanta gente que prefere ser "escravo" e não ter de arcar com as consequências das suas escolhas.

Ontem numa empresa alguém me dizia que quer pessoas que:

  • pensem e não se limitem a seguir as instruções; (intuição)
  • levantem questões, que questionem as tradições instaladas. (modelos mentais)

Imagem e trecho retirados de "from knowledge worker to master artisan"

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