sexta-feira, dezembro 23, 2016

"organizations need to learn to think and act like artists"

Outra tendência há muito identificada aqui no blogue e em linha com a metáfora de Mongo:
"Re-discover human potential, further human flourishing!
It might just be that as intelligent machines increasingly remove routines from our lives — and will soon automate and virtualize many more complex tasks, as well — humanity in the twenty-first century is called upon to re-discover and express its full potential. This may include the mind-body connectedness that has been getting lost since the Industrial Revolution, along with more holistic approaches towards a future that will actually support human flourishing
Until just a few years ago, humanness and creativity in a world of commodity products (and services) was actually a risk. But in a world of global synchronicity with infinite variety and inevitable abundance (see music, films, travel, and very soon, banking and energy), creativity becomes a Must. As the arts have withered and started to mimic science, the rich irony of our new century is that organizations need to learn to think and act like artists in order to survive."
Como não recuar a:

Trechos retirados de "Why exponential technological change will need ‘exponential humanity‘"

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