quinta-feira, junho 02, 2016

Acerca do mapa da estratégia (parte I)

Algumas das razões porque sou um fã incondicional do mapa da estratégia: ferramenta de comunicação; ferramenta de visualização; ferramenta de discussão; ferramenta de concretização; ferramenta de organização do pensamento.
"A strategy should not just exist as a vision among top managers in an organization. It should also be linked to a strategic performance measurement system (SPMS) that helps all employees achieve their strategic objectives in a set time frame. Successful organizations start building this linkage by communicating their values, resources and possibilities to lower-level managers.
the BSC can fail in conveying strategies if it is just a collection of performance measures without the logic of the business model behind it.
As a potential cure, best practice examples suggest that top managers should use strategy maps to explain the business model behind the BSC.
Research actually shows that strategy maps foster a better understanding of the BSC among employees, create greater commitment, reduce resistance, cultivate a feeling of fair evaluations and are far superior to a stand-alone BSC in communicating how to achieve strategic goals. Also, strategy maps facilitate evaluations of the relevant environment so top and middle managers can engage in discussions, challenge each other’s assumptions and “construct” the causalities of their organization jointly."

Trechos retirados de "Strategy maps: the essential link between the balanced scorecard and action", Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 36 Iss 2 pp. 34 - 40. "Rainer Lueg , (2015)

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