quarta-feira, setembro 16, 2015

Cuidado com a média

Recordando o grito dos clientes que não querem ser tratados como plankton, que não querem ser tratados como miudagem.
Recordando os fantasmas estatísticos.
Reflectir sobre:
"One of the biggest mistakes companies can make is designing services and products for the average user, an artificial and static representation of real users that generates dysfunctions. Interestingly, the solution lies in the extremes.
The average user is created from the combination of all users. What we get is, in fact, a completely different user. None of our users is like the average user. Therefore, when designing for that artificial individual we create something that doesn’t fit anyone’s needs."
Trecho retirado de "Designing for the extremes (or why your average user doesn’t exist)"

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