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A 13 de Dezembro de 2011 numa viagem de comboio descobri a história da Chobani.
O fundador da Chobani relatava:
"By 2005, I thought maybe I would relax and have a family. But one day I opened a piece of mail. It said, "Fully equipped yogurt factory for sale." I threw it away. But then I thought about it later and went back and got it out of the garbage. I called. It was nearby, in South Edmeston, N.Y., near Utica. Kraft was closing it and getting out of the yogurt business. There were a million reasons not to buy it."
A realidade mostra-nos que a Chobani cresceu e tornou-se um player de relevo no mercado americano. E a Kraft? O que aconteceu à multinacional que resolveu sair do negócio dos iogurtes?
"One of the prime operating philosophies for major companies these days is to expand and do more. But when Sanjay Khosla became president of Kraft Developing Markets, he set out with the opposite in mind: To do less. By focusing on fewer products, he was betting he could build the company’s revenue and profit more effectively than through the mindless expansion he finds common to most corporations.
His strategy was called 5-10-10. The company had dozens of product categories and more than 150 brands in over 60 countries. He mobilized efforts around five strong categories, 10 power brands, and 10 key markets. The other areas weren’t shut down, but money and other resources were to be focused on 5-10-10.
It worked. After six years, developing markets revenue more than tripled, to $16-billion from $5-billion, with double-digit organic growth (from within existing operations, rather than through mergers or acquisitions). Profitability increased by 50 per cent. And cash flow improved."
Julgo que é isto que a Procter & Gamble também quer fazer (lembram-se do Verão passado?)
Saliento a coragem de quem toma decisões deste tipo... gente que comete a blasfémia de não se importar com a concorrência... viver e deixar viver, cada um na sua.
Trechos retirados de "How Kraft turned less into more"

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