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Acerca da comunicação o livro "The Workforce Scorecard - Managing Human Capital to Execute Strategy" de Mark Huselid, Brian Becker e Richard Beatty refere:
"in many firms employees don't have a clear understanding of strategy or their own role in executing it, but that when they do, shareholder value is enhanced. The simple fact is that the more we can get employees to pay attention to performance feedback, the more effective that feedback is likely to be.
some of the key attributes or outcomes of workforce communication can be broken down into recognition, understanding, acceptance, and use.
Recognition. ... all employees are aware of the existence...
Understanding. ... each employee understands the firm strategy, know what his or her role is in executing it, and see a linkage between these behaviors and the firm's measurement processes.
Acceptance. ... help create a sense of urgency in the workforce when important gaps can be identified and prioritized. ...
Use. The ultimate measure of success is that workforce metrics help managers to make better decisions about the workforce. ...
Since you can't manage what you don't measure, and you can't measure what you don't clearly understand, executing strategy through the workforce requires a clear communication strategy to ensure that the right data reach the workforce. Workforce metrics won't help unless you can get the data into the hands of the people who need them and encourage them to use those data to make better decisions about the workforce. As we've described, employees can't act on measures that they don't see, comprehend, and embrace. All managers - and indeed all employees - have a "theory of the firm" in their heads that helps guide their behavior. Measurement can help ensure that they are all using the same theory of the firm - and also that this is the theory that helps drive strategy execution!"
Quanto é que as organizações que conhecemos investem na comunicação? Quantas organizações que conhecemos têm a preocupação de comunicar, de situar os seus colaboradores acerca das opções estratégicas e do papel de cada um na sua execução?

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