terça-feira, abril 14, 2015

O poder do ecossistema

Se se pesquisar neste blogue a palavra e o marcador "ecossistema", pode avaliar-se o quanto aprecio o seu poder, fruto de uma experiência profissional no Verão de 2004.
Nos últimos dias, sem esforço, tenho coleccionado referências ao tema:

"In the old corporate economy, transactions went one way.  Firms would manage a value chain in order to deliver a superior product at a lower cost.  Yet today, transactions are multi-sided.  Firms not only need to court customers, but also others that will enhance their platform." [Moi ici: Um texto cheio de sumo!]

"Our business model classification and analysis yielded some surprising results. Network Orchestrators outperform companies with other business models on several key dimensions."

  • "A Service Lens on Value Creation: Marketing's Role in Achieving Strategic Advantage" de Lance A. Bettencourt, Robert F. Lusch e Stephen L. Vargo, publicado no número de Outono de 2014 da California Management Review.
"It is not necessary that a resource be owned by a firm to be effectively integrated into its value proposition." 

"In contrast to the industrial era, when value was added primarily in the repetitive manufacturing processes, value is today created elsewhere, outside of the old industrial system. Value is co-created in the context of usage [Moi ici: Service Dominant Logic, interacção, co-criação, experiência] through customizable, reconfigurable and more or less unique solutions aggregated by the customer, not the manufacturer.
Instead of focusing on whether some managers institute more efficient processes or design the division of work better than others, ecosystem theory suggests that the properties of communication and connection between people are the causes of success. [Moi ici: Co-criação, interacção, customização] What the ecosystem becomes, emerges from the relationships of its members.
Value creation cannot be understood as industrial systems any more, but as continuously developing, complex, responsive ecosystems of connected people."

"Co-creation also challenges the view of the market as an aggregation of consumers who must select from what the firm decides to offer. In the new value creation space, business managers have at least partial control over the experience environment and the networks they build to facilitate co-creation experiences."

"The idea of value co-creation in a network includes the idea of reciprocity, that is not only should one be freed from a dyadic perspective, but also from the provider–customer notion." 

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