sábado, janeiro 25, 2014

Os Muggles só conhecem folhas de cálculo

Li "What happens next at Dow Chemical" e aquele final:
"One idea is that DuPont could spin off its Agricultural chemicals business as well. You don’t have to be much of an investment banker to then see the potential for a Dow Ag and DuPont Ag merger. One R&D budget, one set of central costs, lots and lots of cost savings. Oh, and one more chance at empire building for a currently unpopular chief executive with a track record of broken promises."
E pareceu-me uma língua estrangeira... lembrei-me da diferença entre "shopping versus buying", só conseguem ver o buying, só conseguem ver o que está na folha de cálculo, são "Muggles" não imaginam que existe a magia!
Prefiro o caminho assente na magia, prefiro o desafio "Do You Know What Makes Your Company Distinctive?"
"Every company has a limited amount of time, money, and resources that it can invest in innovation. That’s why they should focus their energies on opportunities that will set them apart from their competition — that is, they should innovate where they differentiate.
Your differentiator must be difficult to replicate.
Your customers determine your differentiator.
You can’t catch your competition. It’s difficult to beat the current market leader in its area of differentiation. So choose a different angle."

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