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"The erosion of barriers to forming and pursuing a business venture [Moi ici: A democratização da produção levará a um mundo muito diferente daquele que o século XX formatou] will lead to increasing fragmentation in certain parts of the economy.
For individuals and small entities, the barriers to forming and pursuing a business venture are rapidly being dismantled. As barriers fall, many small yet viable players will emerge, with increasing influence on the economy, via three primary pathways:
  • Freelancers, empowered by online staffing platforms, will begin as individual contractors, but will quickly transition to forming flexible teams—colloquially called “hives”—comprised of other freelancers with complementary skill sets. Gradually, these hives will move from just accepting work from other businesses to collectively creating their own products and services, and ultimately forming their own small companies.
  • Hobbyists will transition from “moonlighting”— working full-time for someone else while pursuing their passion projects during off-hours—to being fully dedicated business owners.
  • “Star” performers within big companies— confident of their value and frustrated by a lack of autonomy—will increasingly choose to leave employers in favor of building businesses that use their full range of talents.
Fragmentation (within a domain) is defined by the following characteristics:
  • Each player within the domain has a small, addressable market and is focused on a specific niche
  • Collectively, players address a diverse spectrum of customer and market needs
  • Both players and niches are proliferating within the domain
  • No single player has enough market share to influence the direction of the domain long term
  • A relatively modest level of investment is sufficient to enter and sustain position
  • Diseconomies of scale” are in play—it is more challenging for large players to stay in business"
Trechos retirados de "The hero’s journey through the landscape of the future" do Deloitte Center for the Edge" de 2014.

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