quinta-feira, julho 30, 2020

Curiosidade do dia

À atenção dos escravos obrigados a suportar uma companhia aérea sobredimensionada para gáudio da classe política:
"I asked travel veterans for predictions on what the future of travel will be.
Most foresee a lasting decline in business travel, but think leisure travel will bounce back robustly. That means airlines and hotels will have to change their business plans, being unable to rely as much on rich revenue from corporate travelers. Expect higher ticket prices and room rates for vacationers to cover the costs with fewer high-dollar customers to subsidize bargain-seekers. [Moi ici: Vantagem para as companhias aéreas focadas no low-cost e nos turistas]
The airline industry is going to have to examine its business plan,” [Moi ici: Excepto as companhias que vivem penduradas nos impostos cobrados aos saxões] says Robert Crandall, former chief executive of American Airlines. “You are never going to see the volume of business travel that you’ve seen in the past.” [Moi ici: Se a UE não nos proteger teremos de torrar uns 4 mil milhões de euros a alimentar o monstro nos próxios dois anos]
He estimates one-third to one-half of business travel will go away. More meetings will take
place electronically. Trips once thought necessary will be seen as superfluous. “Everybody who depends on business travel is going to have to rethink their game plan,” Mr. Crandall says.
The pandemic has forced widespread, rapid adoption of videoconferencing technology. The technology is mature, easy to use and available on any device.
“Will it be as necessary to send road warriors out? I have serious doubts about that,” says David Tait, a founding architect of Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airways. “The business market is seriously endangered.

Trechos retirados de "Predicting The Future Of Travel" publicado no WSJ de hoje.

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