quarta-feira, junho 14, 2017

COAR-map e mapas da estratégia (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.

"Step 2: Clarify desired outcomes of customers and stakeholders"
Esta representação é diferente da que uso há mais de 10 anos:
"By defining desired outcomes, the organization gained clarity on how best to use SIC to influence sales force behavior
Success was now clearly defined from the customer and stakeholder viewpoint. Multiple planning scenarios could be developed to discover/invent the optimal option based on core competencies and execution capabilities.
􏰀 The organization realized that each target required a different approach.
Success was now defined as attaining customer and stakeholder outcomes rather than execution of projects within the traditional “triple constraints”–time, cost and quality. This provided a better guidance on when to invest in a struggling project and when to redeploy resources."


 Trechos retirados de "How strategy execution maps guided Cisco System’s Sales Incentive Compensation plan"

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