terça-feira, junho 13, 2017

COAR-map e mapas da estratégia (parte II)

Parte I.

"Creating a COAR Map
The starting point in this approach to strategy “executability” is the development of a COAR strategy execution map. This mapping process offers:
􏰀 A visual way to understand the capabilities and projects involved in strategy execution.
􏰀 A guide to the systematic development of strategy execution. There are five steps in creating a COAR Map:

Step 1: Clarify the distinction between customers and stakeholders
Customers and stakeholders are differentiated:
A customer will directly benefit from the outcomes and outputs of strategy execution.
􏰀A stakeholder’s actions can positively or negatively impact the outcomes sought by the customer. [Moi ici: Na nossa linguagem falamos em ecossistema que inclui, além do cliente, por exemplo, o cliente do cliente, o prescriber, o influenciador, o regulador, ... e também beneficiarão dos resultados e saídas da execução estratégica] It is very important to distinguish between the two entities. Stakeholder priorities and outcomes should not be used as a proxy for those of customers. Without a focus on what customers want and need, it is easy to end up investing resources in making stakeholders happy. [Moi ici: Verdade mas nem sempre se verifica] It’s important to ensure that the organization has the means to directly monitor the customer outcomes."


 Trechos retirados de "How strategy execution maps guided Cisco System’s Sales Incentive Compensation plan"

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