quinta-feira, março 30, 2017

"What would we do differently if we charged admission?"

Na linha de "Evolução do retalho" e de "U.S. Stores Are Too Big, Boring and Expensive" julgo que faz sentido esta abordagem "7 Reasons Museums Should Share More Experiences, Less Information":
"As online shopping had just begun to take hold at the turn of the century, Pine and Gilmore urged retailers to ask themselves, “What would we do differently if we charged admission?” Fully embracing a theatre mindset, they said businesses should “stage” experiences – a revolutionary concept."
Como dizia Deming: A sobrevivência das empresas ou organizações não é mandatória.
"Museums are perfectly positioned for the Experience Economy. We have amazing artifacts and the mission-driven potential to stage experiences that have deeper meaning than any retailer or theme park. But I’d argue that, too often, visitors leave with a head full of disconnected facts and not enough “wow.” We need to step up our game, because businesses and other non-profits are now competing more than ever for our visitors’ precious leisure hours." 

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