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Uma novela sobre Mongo (parte XVII)

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"Business doesn’t sell to aggregates, it sells to individuals. [Moi ici: Gosto tanto disto! Martelo tanto as empresas acerca disto!] It always has. But the mass era helped marketers forget this. Advertising in the future (for those who still have to buy attention) is to start selling again to individuals who’ve already provided some form of permission to the marketer. The move is away from buying media in demographic chunks to buying the attention of individuals because we sell to individuals.[Moi ici: Como não recordar o sucesso, que foi um insucesso, dos vídeos do Old Spice man. Sucesso a nível de visualizações não é o propósito último, esse é o de vender]
What happens then is that we do business one on one; that is, at a personal level. Smart marketers pre-empt and solve problems for their connected audience and do immediate and direct e-commerce. They don’t sell mind-spam 30 seconds at a time hoping it may hit a ‘target’ and someone may buy what’s on offer.
The number of media channels is exploding into über niches. Even people are now media companies.
Large mass audiences will become more rare and more expensive."
Mongo e o "we are all weird", e o nós não queremos ser plancton.

Trecho inicial retirado de "The Great Fragmentation : why the future of business is small" de Steve Sammartino

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