sábado, dezembro 31, 2016

Uma provocação

Uma provocação que subscrevo passa por isto:
"The careful reader will note that I have not referenced advertising-based business models. This is a big topic in its own right (and I’ll try to cover it another blog post), but just to end with a provocation: I don’t believe advertising based business models will be sustainable in the Big Shift. Advertising is going to prove to be a less and less effective way to reach and engage with ever more powerful customers. As a result, we are ultimately going to have to figure out how to offer something of value that the customers will pay for themselves rather than continue to look to advertisers to foot the bill. This makes the search for new business models even more urgent."
Os métodos que resultavam com os broncos da economia baseada na massa. baseada no Normalistão vão resultar cada vez menos com as tribos do Estranhistão

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