quarta-feira, dezembro 28, 2016

Uma novela sobre Mongo (parte VIII)

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"The best average.
Mass retail by definition needed mass media to pull products from the shelf. It meant producers had to make the ‘best average’ (oxymoronic, I know) products they possibly couldaverage products for average people to support the price of the system. Pop culture could simply not support niche because niche is invisible and niche has no voice in a world defined by mass-media monologue. Big brands were created more by big budgets than by big ideas and amazing products. As marketers, the desire was for conformity of the masses. It made things easier and helped the balance sheet work."
Este é o mundo que estamos a abandonar. Este é o mundo dos Índices e Rankings uniformizadores. Este é o mundo que acaba com os big sellers e com os top-ten.

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