quarta-feira, dezembro 28, 2016

"Many companies fall into the trap of asking consumers"

"It’s assumed that ‘user experience’ is all about a beautiful screen and making sure the buttons are in all the right places. But that has almost nothing to do with getting the experience of using the software right—in the real world where clinicians use it. You can’t do design requirements in a conference room. You have to get out in the wild and live it.”
Many companies fall into the trap of asking consumers what about their current offering they could tweak to make it more appealing. Faster? More colors? Cheaper? When you start with the assumption that you’re just altering what you already have created, or relying on broader industry accepted category definitions, you may have already missed the opportunity to uncover the real job for consumers."
Trecho retirado de "Competing Against Luck".

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Já me chamaram a atenção para "You can't ask customers what they want"


Qual o reflexo disto para os SGQ segundo a ISO 9001?

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