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"it is the situation and not the solution that drives the need for a job"

"Management guru Peter Drucker has said that "The customer rarely buys what the business thinks it sells him". Let’s see what this means by using the JTBD lens.
Consider this story:
A scuba centre advertised its dive-certification course in direct mailing lists purchased from diving magazines.
The assumed JTBD: an aspiring diver wanting to learn diving and having a certificate to prove it at the end.
But after gathering purchase stories from customers, the owner found that many were recently engaged couples planning wedding trips to the Caribbean.
The real JTBD: newlyweds wanting to spend quality time with each other by learning a new skill.
With this knowledge the owner advertised in bridal magazines and saw his classrooms filled during traditionally lull periods.
The reason people "rarely buy what the business thinks it sells them" is because it is the situation and not the solution that drives the need for a job. The newlyweds found themselves in a situation where the scuba centre was the best-fit solution for their job.
Note that there could have been substitute solutions—other solutions that could have been hired to do the same job, such as a skydiving centre—but scuba diving centre won, perhaps based on a set of success criteria the newlyweds had for the job."

Trechos retirados de "The Job-To-Be-Done Theory for designers"

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