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"The market is a goal collective"

Parte I.

Outra perspectiva acerca dos ecossistemas da procura:
"Viewing markets as goal collectives rather than as individual customers is especially critical in business-to-business where multiple key decision-makers are involved, sometimes all present at the same meeting.
The key to business success is the navigation of the goal landscape. This can truly transform the selling approach.
In the case of a scientific instrument manufacturer, this question started with: who is the customer – the director of the research institute, chief financial officer, procurement manager, lab manager? The answer, of course, is all of them. And each has different goals. Unfortunately, in most instances, the main touch-point had been when the sales person met procurement head on; each side armed with ten-point negotiation plans. By realizing each decision-maker had different goals – ranging from the head’s focus on international reputation, procurement’s focus on sales price and the lab manager’s focus on usability – the sales force was able to map out a goal landscape. Armed with a handy guide, sales people could lead with different sales pitches depending on whom they encountered. They could also zone in on the key player for whom their offering had the most convincing competitive advantage.
The firm also changed its practices by encouraging sales people to visit as many parties within a single organisation as possible compared with the old practice of commanding a specific number of visits to different organizations per day.
The customer consists of multiple parties, each with their own goals. Success is created by showing how you offer the best solution across these collective goals rather than by focusing on a unique selling proposition for “Barry the island”
Communications and sales efforts should explicitly focus on multiple parties. Either in face-to-face meetings or by reframing goals by personifying these with co-decision makers, reminding your counter-party that they need to consider a broader range of goals
To gain legitimacy, companies need to provide value to all relevant parties."
Trechos retirados de um excelente texto, "So you Think You Know your Customers? de Nader Tavassoli, publicado por International Commerce Review, Vol. 10, nº 1 Spring 2011

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