sábado, novembro 26, 2016

"despedir é sempre resultado de uma maldade ou de preguiça da gestão" (parte VI)

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"The headlines are replete with stories of organizations that have pursued higher volume at the expense of quality. (Think, for instance, of the rough patch Toyota hit in 2007.) Such behavior “confuses fat with muscle, and busy-ness with economic accomplishment,” Peter Drucker wrote.
Drucker understood the importance of market standing; if an enterprise commands too tiny a share of a given industry, he warned, it “will eventually become marginal.” Yet he also recognized that there are situations in which being small is what’s most effective.
Neither ‘big is better’ nor ‘small is beautiful’ makes much sense,” Drucker explained. “Neither elephant nor mouse nor butterfly is, in itself, ‘better’ or ‘more beautiful.’ Size follows function.”
Done right, shrinking can be immensely beneficial. Like a fruit tree that needs to be pruned, some organizations must get smaller in order to grow the right way."
 Ás vezes, encolher é uma condição primeira para mais tarde retomar um trajectória de crescimento mais saudável, mais segura, mais promissora.

Trecho retirado de "Shrinking your way to success"

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