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Acerca da variabilidade dos clientes

Há dias sublinhei "Learn more about your most loyal customers". No entanto, ontem, Alan Klement fez-me voltar ao tema sob uma outra perspectiva, até porque sendo alguém que vem da área da Qualidade e que muito estudou Deming e as causas aleatórias e especiais:
"Customer motivation, on the other hand, is not a natural system. Nature puts no limits on how customer motivation can be measured, interpreted, or affected. Nothing limits the amount of variables we can test for or defines how those variables interact. Such a system contains vastly more useless data about your customers than useful data. This means that as you gather more and different types of data about your customers, the more likely you are to misunderstand them.[Moi ici: Big Data anyone?]

We want to change the system, not just study it as it is. Here is another reason that the “more data are better” approach does not suit innovation: innovation is about changing the system, not just studying it as it is. … The innovator wants to change the system of today to produce something different tomorrow.

Life is variation. [Moi ici: Recordar a génese da Redsigma (2006, 2013] Every investigation you do will discover variation. Understanding the basics of variation—as it relates to systems and innovation—will help you better understand the data you gather and help you know how you should react to them.
Variations due to common causes versus special causes.

The system of progress has variation. You will find variation within every part of the system of progress. There will be variation among customers, their struggles, how customers find and choose a product, how they use it, and how they imagine their lives being better.

How does this concept help innovation? Poorly designed products happen when innovators respond to common variation as if it were special variation, and vice versa. In these cases, innovators keep piling on more and more features and changes to the product, making it bloated and fragile. This makes both the product and the business vulnerable to creative destruction.[Moi ici: Bem visto. Nunca me tinha passado pela cabeça fazer esta associação entre variabilidade aleatória e especial e as diferenças entre clientes]"
Existem diferentes variedades de clientes, diferentes segmentos. Cada variedade exibe variabilidade.

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