terça-feira, maio 03, 2016

Qual a alternativa?

Ainda e sempre a ARTE!!!
Ontem de manhã, antes de começar o dia numa empresa, tive oportunidade de ler "learn like an artist" foi o suficiente para ficar animado e bem disposto para o resto do dia.
"How do gamers learn? They try things out and usually fail: lots of times. They learn from these mistakes and look for patterns. If they get stuck, they check out what others have shared, in online forums. They may ask a friend for help. Sometimes they will look for a ‘hack’, or a way around an impasse. Once they learn something, they might record it and share it, so others can learn. What they do not do is look for the rule book. [Moi ici: Pensei logo nos postais sobre o fuçar (aqui e aqui)]
Artists are like gamers as they too have to fail many times as they master their craft. [Moi ici: "Não começamos a fazer arte assim que nos tornamos artistas. Ou seja, não é por sermos artistas que fazemos arte, é por fazermos arte que nos tornamos artistas." (Fonte)] Today, we all need to think like gamers and artists. But being an artist is not easy. Scott Berkun says that, “it’s a discovery all artists make: the most interesting and bravest work is likely the hardest to make a living from.” There are no simple recipes to become an artist."

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