segunda-feira, maio 16, 2016

O impacte tecnológico a montante

Mais um texto sobre o mundo novo que já está por aí, ainda que mal distribuído:
"I strongly believe that we are on the edge of a new industrial revolution: “Industry 4.0”, the rise of intelligent automation in manufacturing, where digital manufacturing meets the Internet’s democratisation of design. Digital manufacturing is maturing and 3D printing is now widely used in aerospace, automotive and medical industries for rapid prototyping, the ability to manufacture “impossible” shapes and completely custom products.
A recent PwC survey found that 71.1% of US manufacturing companies now use 3D printing in some way, which demonstrate how more and more manufacturing processes changing toward 3d printing.
Digital Forming has created a suite of custom services which allow you to build mass customisation into your customer journey, whether you are selling traditional items in a more personal way, or building a full digital supply chain. By building mass customisability into your existing customer journey, you can build your future piece by piece.
Along with mass customisation, emotional branding is key to engaging the modern, millennial consumer. Emotional branding stems from the understanding that people are willing to pay for experiences as well as features."
Um artigo que li ontem perguntava se o progresso tecnológico ia acabar com os gestores intermédios nas empresas. Na minha mente formou-se outra frase, serão precisas empresas grandes em Mongo?
O impacte do progresso tecnológico vai actuar também a montante, na dimensão e tipo de empresas.

"The Power of Customisation Without The Pain – Digital Forming Blog"

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