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Mais um exemplo de onde o "é meter código nisso" pode chegar

"The small private company in New Hampshire has climbed steadily up the economic ladder of its industry to produce specialized fabrics that weave in ceramics, metals and fiberglass. These high-value fabrics are used in products like safety gloves for industrial workers and body armor for the police and military.
"These would be high-tech offerings that change the game for the companies involved and for the industry,"
The advanced fabrics project, which is being announced on Friday, represents a new frontier for the Internet of Things. The term describes putting sensors and computing in all manner of physical objects — jet engines, power generators, cars, farm equipment and thermostats, among others — to measure and monitor everything from machines in need of repair to traffic patterns. [Moi ici: E recuo a 1990 e às primeiras experiências de manutenção condicionada que vi serem feitas na indústria. E recordo que há tempos fiz este esquema para um projecto:

Queríamos saber o perfil de utilização de uma máquina que era o gargalo da produção. Com a IoT isto será imediato]
 The products of this emerging field are being called "functional fabrics," "connected fabrics," "textile devices" and "smart garments."
Clothes filled with sensors and chips could give new meaning to the term wearables,
"This is about reimagining what a fabric is, and rebirthing textiles into a high-tech industry,"
For some companies, the functional fabrics are a potential add-on market. For others, they could disrupt their businesses.
Until about two years ago, VF did not really have a R&D operation, said Marty Lawrence, a general manager for innovation. Instead, it mainly tapped research efforts at universities and by its suppliers.
But eying trends in the industry and technology, VF has hired scientists and set up four innovation centers in the United States that focus on areas including new fabrics for bluejeans and cognitive science.
The functional fabrics project, Mr. Lawrence said, represents "the future of apparel.""
Tem a certeza que a sua empresa não tem de se antecipar e testar oportunidades neste campeonato?

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