domingo, dezembro 27, 2015

Lições de estratégia em todo o lado

Interessante como se encontram lições de estratégia em todo o lado:
"By the early 20th century, Stevens's heirs were sandblasting letters onto stones, a technique used then and now by most of the industry. With a largely undifferentiated product, the business was gasping in 1926 [Moi ici: Trabalho indiferenciado, trabalho comoditizado] when John Howard Benson rented space in the building to carve a stone for a friend's deceased wife. Fresh from studies at the Art Students League in New York, John Howard soon bought the shop, determined to return high craft to the business of stone carving.
"He started looking at the old stones as inspiration," says Nicholas Benson of his grandfather. "But he wasn't interested in making this place a museum, like Colonial Williamsburg." Benson's grandfather was inspired by the revelation--earth-shaking in calligraphic circles--that letters of the Roman alphabet had been formed originally with broad-edged brushes rather than with compasses and straight edges. "My grandfather took up the brush and said, 'I am going to do this type of thing, but I am going to make my own lettering,'" says Benson. That lettering, known in-house as the "Shop Roman," became the company's calling card.[Moi ici: Diferenciação, renunciar ao trabalho fácil e mais rápido. As pessoas podem comprar as letras gravadas e ponto. No entanto, as pessoas também podem estar dispostas não a comprar letras entalhadas mas a homenagear um morto, mas a mostrar o quanto gostavam dele, o quanto os influenciou... e isso não se faz comprando ao preço mais baixo]
John Howard leveraged his craftsmanship--as well as connections to professional artists and affluent society [Moi ici: Trabalhar o ecossistema da procura] in Newport and New York City--into high-profile commissions, including inscriptions at Rockefeller Center and on the Iwo Jima Memorial near Arlington Cemetery in northern Virginia."
TRechos retirados de "Why Google Is Studying This 300-Year-Old Business"

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