quinta-feira, novembro 26, 2015

Tribos e mais tribos

Interessante manifestação do que é o Estranhistão, do que é Mongo, do que é ter deixado o conforto uniformizador do Normalistão, em "Beyond the Red Cup: How Holiday Consumers Are Changing":
"Don’t look for these kinds of cultural clashes in the retail space to dissipate anytime soon. “The cynical side of me believes that if this continues, retailers are going to be forced to choose sides,” says Deborah Small, Wharton professor of marketing. “Brands are going to have to align with identities and values even more so. Twitter  Some do, in the way that Ben & Jerry’s is a liberal brand, and Chick-fil-A is conservative, and we might see more and more of that.”
Retailers are following. “There seems to be this movement away from a kind of Westernized viewpoint and expanding the viewpoint to be more cognizant of our identity as global citizens,” says Wharton marketing professor Americus Reed. “I think one of the strategies that looks like it is taking hold is this all-inclusive sort of approach, the idea that you are going to articulate whatever people believe, part of which is traditional Christmas.” We’re changing demographically, he notes, so it becomes a basic question: “If I put all my eggs in one promotional basket, is it smart? As a business decision, why would you risk missing the market?” Reed says that chains tailoring messages to regional cultural preference is one possible strategy."
Como não recordar a recente reflexão de Nassim Taleb que referi em "Mongo e escolhas assimétricas". E se aquela frase, "Brands are going to have to align with identities and values even more so", for real, então, maiores serão as dificuldades para as empresas grandes, para as empresas que querem ser tudo para todos.
Registar no final do artigo:
"And for the customer, principles are all fine and good. “But when push comes to shove, and that’s the only retailer that has something you want,” Kahn points out, “people tend not to worry as much about these issues.”"
Claro que estas preocupações não são muito urgentes para quem opera sobretudo  no mercado interno português.

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