segunda-feira, julho 20, 2015

Isto é tão instrutivo!!!

"Ten years ago, the tourist board of Zell am See in Austria made a terrific call. According to the Qur’an, paradise looks like a lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains – so they started promoting their village to travel agencies in the Middle East. Now, the area receives 70,000 visitors from the Gulf States every year. Photographer Marieke van der Velden joins the tourists"
Racional típico de empreendedor, tão bem descrito pela effectuation.
"entrepreneurs are indeed Effectual thinkers who start with a given set of Means and find new and different Ends, which are not necessarily pre-determined. Entrepreneurs in her studies follow the adage “If I can control the future, I do not need to predict it”."

Trecho retirado de "The Austrian village that's a Muslim holiday hotspot – in pictures"

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