segunda-feira, janeiro 19, 2015

"Pensado e fabricado por humanos, de carne e osso"

"We went to Huawei. I was expecting, as a Silicon Valley technologist, that it would be a complete line of robots. The whole thing would be automated because that would obviously be the thing to do.
Roughly 60 percent of it was automated and 40 percent of it was still people. And it’s all a question of choice. You say, “is that just because of low cost?” No, no. These are actually high-pay, high-skill jobs. The answer is actually that, in the future, adaptability is key, and people are more adaptable. So when they set up the machine line and it’s all machines, there is a huge amount of retooling to shift from line one to line two, whereas the people are much more easy to shift."
Em linha com o que escrevemos aqui no blogue em "Um mesmo processo automatizado é demasiado rígido para Mongo" (Abril 2014).
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