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Porque não somos plankton (parte III)

Parte I e parte II.
Penso que o trecho que se segue adequa-se bem ao caso da P&G
"The Proliferation Trap. Proliferation occurs when "new price-benefit positions proliferate, surround, and erode a product's value proposition by targeting smaller segments of the customer base," says D'Aveni. "The dilemma for managers caught in the proliferation trip is that they cannot fight everyone, everywhere, all the time."
If your market is increasingly fragmented, and your value proposition is being undermined by new offerings targeted at ever-narrower market niches, you are likely caught in the proliferation trap.[Moi ici: Este é o futuro que antevejo, à medida que nos formos entranhando em Mongo]
Solutions: Target select threats and concentrate resources there - a position where there is little resistance, for instance, or one where you have some major advantage over your rivals or a growth segment where competition is lighter. Second, you can try to overwhelm the threat, either by using multiple strategies against multiple fronts or concentrating your resources on one universal strategy that addresses all the threats. Last, you can outflank the threats by using creative proliferation of your own.
"Find white space on the map or reposition to create new growth segments as old ones are saturated," says D'Aveni.""

Trechos retirados de "Strategies to Win the War on Pricing"

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