quinta-feira, fevereiro 27, 2014

"invest time in listening to your customers"

Nem de propósito, bem na linha da parte II do antropologista que entra num bar:
"Founders need a way to make great design become automatic, and there’s only one way I’ve found to do that reliably: invest time in listening to your customers.
You’ve probably heard this advice a hundred times before. Whether you call it “user research” or “customer development” or just “getting out of the building”, we all know that hearing directly from customers is one of the fastest ways to learn and improve our products. But when I ask founders how long it’s been since they’ve watched a real customer (not a family member) use their product, they usually look embarrassed and admit they haven’t tested anything in months.
It’s so much fun to make things that it’s often hard to stop and listen.
No one expects customers to design the product for you. That’d be way too easy! But customers can absolutely tell you their goals and frustrations. Customers can show you what they like or dislike about products and you can watch when they get stuck or confused. So if customers say they want faster horses, what you should hear is that getting around is too slow. It’s the team’s job to take all that raw input and build products to delight customers."
Trecho retirado de "Braden Kowitz: Why You Should Listen to the Customer"

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