sexta-feira, junho 28, 2013

Jogadores de bilhar amador

"Goals are the destination you want to take your business to. Once stated clearly and communicated to the organization, goals align people's energy, and when they're linked to rewards, as they usually are, they have a powerful effect on people's behavior. Goals set the tone for decisions and actions that follow and greatly influence the business results that get delivered. Many leaders think setting goals is simple and straightforward, but in fact, selecting the right set of goals is the ultimate juggling act. The goals have to be of the right type and magnitude to be both achievable as well as motivational.
With the goals came the essential outline of actions about how they will be achieved: (Moi ici: Tantas empresas em que quem manda não percebe isto... definem objetivos de forma vaga, escritos em cubos de gelo ou em nevoeiro e, depois, esperam atingi-los sem mudar nada)
There's a know-how to setting the right goals, in the right combination, with the right time frame, and at the right level. You can't set goals by looking in the rearview mirror at what was accomplished last year and adjust this year's numbers accordingly, and you can't go by what is being projected for the industry or the economy overall. Goals should reflect the opportunities that lie ahead (Moi ici: Tão difícil, o passado é tão poderoso, já se gastou tanto com ele que se torna difícil cortar-lhe o financiamento na esperança de que o mundo volte ao que era. Tão difícil assumir que são um custo afundado, enterrá-los e seguir em frenteand what is possible for your business as it goes forward. You have to choose more than one goal to keep the organization in balance, and the goals don't all have to be financial and quantitative. There will always be tailwinds and headwinds that will help you reach the goals faster or slow you down, but the goals must be clearly defined with specific time frames at the start. Then you must be willing to adjust them as the world changes and the opportunities and organizational capabilities expand or contract. While choosing only one goal distorts the business, choosing multiple goals poses its own mental challenge. You have to dig deep to be sure the goals are internally consistent." (Moi ici: Tão difícil, pensamos por partes e como jogadores de bilhar amador)
Trechos retirados de "Know-how" de Ram Charan.

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