sábado, agosto 25, 2012

Resulta sempre!!!

Os que não podem, ou não querem competir pelo preço mais baixo, só têm de deixar de se concentrarem no produto, e passarem a concentrar-e na experiência que os clientes procuram e valorizam.
Resulta sempre, se aplicada num mercado com massa crítica. Há sempre uma alternativa à espera de ser construída "Employing Dietitians Pays Off for Supermarkets":
“There’s been an explosion of interest in having a dietitian among grocery store retailers in the last three or four years,”
"the five dietitians do about 100 events a quarter, 80 to 85 appearances at community events, health assessments with company employees, in-store cooking demonstrations and educational programs on health subjects like diabetes and heart disease.
They also are responsible for maintaining pages on the company Web site and producing a variety of pamphlets and booklets."
"dietitians offer in-store consultations and store tours with customers, hold cooking classes, assemble take-home meals, take biometric screenings, do presentations in schools, businesses and civic events, work with merchandisers, help set up community gardens, assess products for nutritional value and a variety of other things."

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