quarta-feira, setembro 22, 2010

Uma nova página do capitalismo

À medida que o consumo em massa vai cedendo e dando lugar aos "markets of one", novos modelos mentais e de negócio têm de ser desenhados e experimentados.
Um bom artigo para reflectir sobre o tema pode ser encontrado aqui "Creating value in the age of distributed capitalism".
"In the same way that mass production moved the locus of industry from small shops to huge factories, today’s mutations have the potential to shift us away from business models based on economies of scale, asset intensification, concentration, and central control. That’s not to say factories are going away; their role in supplying quality, low-cost goods, including the technologies underpinning the shift to more individualized consumption, is secure. Yet even mass production is becoming less homogenous (consider the ability to order custom sneakers from Nike). And for many goods and services, new business frameworks are emerging: federations of enterprises—from a variety of sectors—that share collaborative values and goals are increasingly capable of distributing valued assets directly to individuals, enabling them to determine exactly what they will consume, as well as when and how. This shift not only changes the basis of competition for companies but also blurs—and even removes—the boundaries between entire industries, along with those that have existed between producers and consumers."

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