sábado, setembro 19, 2009

O que é valor para os clientes-alvo?

Para finalizar a minha leitura do livro "Pricing on Purpose" de Ronald Baker volto a chamar a atenção para a importância do valor:


“Unlike a biological organism, the true test of a company’s success lies outside of its four walls. As Peter Drucker says, “All results are external, there is no such thing as a profit center,” there are only cost, activity and effort centers. The only profit center in your company is a customer’s check that doesn’t bounce.


The four Ps of marketing—product, promotion, place and price—all must look outside of the organization and ask, “What do our customers value, and how can we increase that value?”


Marketing executives must focus outside the four walls where the results are created, whereas cost accountants focus on the inside of a company. Becoming better cost accountants is not going to help us create value for our customers, nor will it be much assistance in capturing that value through strategic pricing.


For pricing to become a core competency in any business, it must understand the five Cs of value, as documented in The Strategy and Tactics of Pricing: A Guide to Profitable Decision Making (third edition) by Thomas Nagle and Reed Holden:


1. Comprehend value to customers

2. Create value for customers

3. Communicate the value you create

4. Convince customers they must pay for value

5. Capture value with strategic pricing based on value, not costs and efforts

These five components determine the wealth-producing capacity of any business, and will drive profits in the long run.

Yet in many companies, according to McKinsey & Company, marketing is poorly linked to corporate strategy. According to a McKinsey survey of 30 large U.S. companies, more than one-third reported their boards spent less than 10 percent of their time on marketing and customer-related issues. How can a company continually create value, let alone capture it with more effective pricing strategies, if it does not have someone overseeing this responsibility?”

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