quinta-feira, junho 15, 2017

Cenários e estratégia (parte IV)

Parte Iparte II e parte III.

"The past, present and future were thus all interpreted and reinterpreted in the CommCorp strategy-making process, and these interpretations were multiple, interdependent — and sometimes conflicting.
New visions of the future also triggered reconsiderations of current concerns.
The more the participants reconsidered present concerns, the greater the tensions that arose. However, it was through such interactions that new connections were built among the past, present and future.
A particular view of the future shaped and was shaped by certain understandings of history and present priorities. Envisioning new futures provoked reassessments of the past and present, just as new understandings of current concerns triggered new imaginings of the future and alternative versions of history. Negotiating these interpretive differences proved to be central to strategy making in practice"
Fundamental esta experiência repetida de sondar, criar uma narrativa e pôr a empresa em cheque, testar mentalmente como será viver no futuro hipotético e como será a preparação para esse futuro.


"Beyond Forecasting: Creating New Strategic Narratives"

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