quarta-feira, setembro 28, 2016

"uma extraordinária ferramenta de visualização e de comunicação da estratégia"

Sou um fã do mapa da estratégia, por isso, não podia deixar passar:
"For too long strategy has been the like the keys to the executive washroom. Those who have the keys know what the strategy is. Unfortunately, those who have to execute it have no clue.
Using the Balanced Scorecard approach allows executives to summarize the strategy in a strategy map, an outline typically including four perspectives: financial, customer, process, and learning and growth.
A strategy map identifies the top 25 financial, customer, process, and organizational objectives – kind of a cockpit view of the strategy. It’s a Google maps version of strategy – how to go from point A (people and processes) to point B (deliver customer success and financial benefits).
The map can then be converted into 3-4 strategic themes – customer excellence, performance excellence, innovation, globalization, etc. These tend to be the most common ones. Not only can the Strategy Map be shared, but the key strategy themes can also be shared.
An agenda can then be built around reinforcing this message with the wider organization. Training programs can be designed to enforce the themes, external speakers can be brought in, awards can be created to drive behavioral change to communicate and deliver the strategy, case studies of successful firms with similar themes can be created. These are all very effective ways of communicating strategy within an organization.  Sometimes it’s not just the employees within an organization that crave a clear communication of strategy – it’s also investors, boards, and even suppliers."
Esta é também a minha experiência, uma extraordinária ferramenta de visualização e de comunicação da estratégia.
Trechos retirados de "Communicating Strategy is as Simple as Creating a Map"

BTW, há que comentar o exemplo de mapa da estratégia incluído no artigo. Tenho várias críticas a fazer. Penso de forma diferente.

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