terça-feira, abril 12, 2016

PME e código, já pensou nisso?

Acredito, com cada vez mais força, que as PME deviam levar a sério, muito a sério mesmo, o mote "é meter código nisso".
"To leverage such strategic opportunities, firms need to recognize a new concept: demand-side interdependencies. Demand-side interdependencies arise after the consumer procures the product. For the traditional or Industrial Age thermostat, for example, such interdependencies would include an appropriate wiring and the availability of electricity. But as the traditional thermostat has transitioned into a smart one, it has also become a sensor for collecting information and a focal point for communication across room occupants and an array of other smart devices. As a result, much more than just electrical wiring and power supply now contribute to its demand-side interdependencies.
Traditionally, demand-side interdependencies were largely left for the customers to arrange for and manage. After all, such demand-side interdependencies were few and largely stable in the industrial age.
Firms that are able to pioneer initiatives for recognizing, tracking, and influencing such new demand-side interdependencies can expand their frontiers of customization.
Identify and develop demand-side interdependencies: Companies should begin to consider the products/services that they have built inside, for possible extensions by third parties. By adding APIs to data and services, firms can avail opportunities to invite the attention of complementors who could expand the ways in which the products and services are used in conjunction with other products and services on an ongoing basis. This will allow them expand their product and service offerings through more and more customized options."
Representa uma mudança de paradigma, não basta produzir, não basta "vomitar" unidades, é precisar pensar no uso, é preciso pensar na experiência, é preciso pensar no resultado pretendido com o uso, é preciso pensar no contexto do uso.

Trechos retirados de "Mass Customization and the Do-It-Yourself Supply Chain"

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